Online TV Streaming May Have Just Started Sucking A Little Less For Blind People

One of the main reasons I don’t watch much if any television legally online is because quite simply, the video players are mostly shit. If the screenreader can see buttons at all, they’re either not labeled and are therefore useless or don’t actually do anything when pressed, so are therefore useless. That reality makes this […]

Help Tim Raise Some Funds So He Can Raise up Some Heavy Things In Korea Next May!

I was just scrolling through Twitter, and I saw a tweet that says “Help Tim get to Korea.” It was retweeted by Blind Sports, so I thought maybe it’s our buddy Tim… … And it was! Tim has definitely starred in a few New Years party stories along the way. He’s a good guy and […]

Even Amongst The Ridiculousness Of TNA, Scott Steiner Somehow Manages To Stand Out

If you watch a lot of wrestling, all I think I need to say is this: Scott Steiner TNA promo compilation. As for the rest of you, there’s really no explaining this. I’m sorry. Whether it’s TNA, WCW or pretty much anywhere else, how much of this is character and how much is him just […]