The CRTC Has Approved WWE Network For Canada. You Can Start Bothering Your Service Providers Now

That huge sigh of relief you just heard was me. And the one you heard right before that was Rogers. The reason? The CRTC has granted official approval for the WWE Network to operate in Canada, which is obviously good news. I’m not sure whether or not I should be surprised that this happened since […]

Google Has Indoor Maps That Will Help You Get Around Pearson Airport

Call me stupid, but I had no idea Google Maps could even do this. All I ever really use it for is route tracking through Blindsquare and figuring out the distance between 2 places I’d like to walk between. Toronto‚Äôs Pearson airport has become one of the first Canadian airports to offer travellers maps of […]

To All The People Out There Just Like Bob Here…

This sensitivity training video is pretty awesome. I’d love to know what happens at one point where the woman goes “I’ve got ya,” and then the other woman screams. I get the general message, but I’d love to know if she just got grabbed and heaved onto a bus or some other ridiculous thing. I […]