PSW Does Not Stand For Pole Saves Woman

Because apparently I can’t seem to get away from creepy stories…here’s one for you that makes me want to punch things, starting with the rather absent support worker. A woman with an intellectual disability got on a Winnipeg bus with a support worker. The worker sat a few rows away, put on her headphones and proceeded to ignore her. Meanwhile, someone sat down beside her and proceeded to sexually assault her for 10 minutes! He even tried to drag her off the bus, and the support worker didn’t even notice. Then he sat down beside her and continued. The worker only noticed when it was over.

How terrifying. How absolutely terrifying . I can’t even imagine…and that no one else saw until he tried to drag her off the bus, and even after, it continued. This happened in the middle of the afternoon.

I don’t know if Captain Nameless Illness has caused me to not be able to find the words, or whether I wouldn’t be able to find them anyway, but I have none. I just…wow. We all must be living in our own worlds now, to have that happen and have no one do anything. That poor woman. And because he ran off the bus and the support worker barely noticed what was going on, he’ll probably never get caught, and he’ll do it again. Maybe he’ll be able to drag his next victim off the bus, and then who knows what will happen.

I…I…I have no words. They’ve all left me, my jaw is on the floor. How does this happen?

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