Here comes a flasher, another boring old flasher. Driving up to pedestrians and showing off his shween.

That would be the whole story, except he was using our old neighbourhood as a flashing ground! Eeeewwww. Seriously. We used to live right there. That was the street with our apartment building that had the big scary fire. Hey look, that’s before I actually wrote for this thing, and I was only “the girlfriend.” Wow. We used to catch the bus at Gordon and Water.

I hope they catch him. Yuck!

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  1. That would be the Water Street that doesn’t exist according to that one bus driver I had.

    Yeah, we used to catch buses or get dumped off of them there almost every day. Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?

    Speaking of big scary fires, I don’t think either of us ever wrote about the one that got our last Guelph building, did we?

    1. No, no we didn’t.

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