Poppy Talk

Well, this year, our attempts to get poppies were much less painful than last year. The bank across the street actually had them, so we didn’t have to go on a puppy hunt.

But I still have a heck of a time not losing my poppy. There’s nothing worse than lum dee dumming down the street and then suddenly realizing that my poppy is no longer on my coat.

So when I read these instructions on how to not lose your poppy, I thought it was an awesome idea.

Modified method for pinning your poppy.
A demonstration of how to put on your poppy so it hopefully won’t fall off.

And Brad can attest that it works, so here they are!

1. Stick the poppy’s pin through your garment of choice.
2. Hold onto the poppy and back the pin up a little bit.
3. Stick the end of the pin through the poppy, just a few millimetres away from the edge (see photo above).

Since I linked to that old red poppy white poppy post, I feel I have to mention this. I guess not all veterans think the white poppies are weird. Although I don’t want to unjustly get offended on someone else’s behalf, I still don’t know how I feel about the white poppy.

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