Who’s Gonna Pull Us Over? We’ve Got All The Cars!

I want to believe Suburban Auto Body President Dennis O’Connell Jr. when he says that nobody from his shop did anything wrong because honestly, what kind of idiots would be idiot enough to drag race the marked police cars they were supposed to be working on through town, right? But if I am to take him at his word, then I have no choice but to conclude that as a boss and possibly a person, he’s kind of awful. How else would you explain this?

Despite challenging the police account, O’Connell said one employee was fired “out of respect for Roseville PD and the hopes of continuing our relationship with them.”

Everyone’s actions were above board, but we fired a guy anyway because we like cops. Uh huh. Alrighty then. That’s not a wrongful termination lawsuit waiting to happen at all.

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