Oh He Felt Good About It Alright!

These stories…I’m seeing them everywhere. I’m sure they are just as prevalent as before, but now I feel like they’re fired at my brain like guided missiles.

This creepoid apparently lured women to come meet him for what they thought was a job interview. He found them on Kijiji, and set up the interviews. But what they were coming for was not at all a job interview, no not at all. After being asked very inappropriate questions, two of them wound up being sexually assaulted. This guy even tracked down one woman at her home! Police are pretty sure there are more victims out there.

Yeah, eeeewwww gross and scary and disturbing and all that. But what gives this story an extra special touch, if you will, is the guy’s name is Randy Purves.

Yup, Purves. I know it’s spelled not quite right, but how else are you going to pronounce that? And if that wasn’t enough, his first name is Randy!


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