Jian Ghomeshi Drops His Lawsuit Against The CBC

It looks like Jian Ghomeshi has dropped his lawsuit against the CBC. It still needs to be formalized in a court order, but from what I’m seeing, it’s as good as done. Oh, and he has to fork over 18 grand in legal fees to the CBC.

I’ve gotta say I’m relieved. I felt sick thinking what kind of horrible lines of questioning or degrading written statements would be in the suit, and given, what I’d read, that the suit had pretty much 0 chance of actually succeeding, it felt like a whole lot more unnecessary pain and suffering for the victims.

Why do I get some kind of strange satisfaction in the knowledge that even the crisis management firm he hired said “Uh, how about no? You’re on your own!”

Note I picked that old one because the Toronto Star version kept autoplaying the Lucy video. No, I’ve seen that once, I do not need to see it again, unbidden. Autoplaying videos suck anyway, but *that* autoplaying video? No no no!

At any rate, that whole bit about eating humble pie…I hope he likes it, he has a lot to eat.

As a small side note, even though I try to avoid reading some of the stuff because it was bothering me so much, life tends to throw it at me anyway. There was this show on called “Hot Bench” that we happened to zoom by on TV. What’s the first case we see? Some woman being sexually harassed at work, grabbed by the face and choked. Baaa!

And the other day, I searched in our search box for Steve’s old post about the ridiculousness of saying “I think you have the wrong number” when you clearly know they do, and the first goddamn search result, inexplicably, is my own Ghomeshi post. Just screw off, and yesterday.

Anyway, I’m glad the lawsuit has been dropped. Maybe I’ll be wrong, but this feels like a completely good thing.

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