You Can Look A Lot Less Like An Old Bag, And All You Need Is…The Stuff In This Old Bag

So, imagine that you open your door, and find a small zip-lock bag full of a strange brown substance on your doorstep. The note taped to it with painter’s tape says it comes from a local spa, includes that spa’s logo, and claims it’s a new face cream that has been developed, and your neighbourhood has been selected to receive free samples. It says that you should apply it to your face using gloves, and leave it on there for hours. Would you do it? At least one woman said yes. Obviously, since the story’s up here, that wasn’t such a good idea. I guess the stuff stained her face, although it sounds like it came off pretty easily.

How gullible are we that, just because a random package has the name and logo from a spa on it, we think it’s legitimate? Hello, it’s a bag full of random brown paste with a paper stuck to it with tape. Yeah, that’s professional. Most free samples come in proper packets.

And if that wasn’t enough of a give-away, it’s telling you that you have to put this stuff on using gloves. Usually, you use gloves to protect the skin on your hands…but you’re splatting this on the skin on your face! That skin is more sensitive than the skin on your hands! How is that going to end well?

I love this quote. “Nothing that gets delivered to my door goes on my face.”

Fine words to live by.

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