A Guest Post And A Note About Yesterday’s Unexpected Disappearance

This was meant to go up yesterday, but two things happened. 1. I was flattened by some sort of unpleasantness that woke me up in the middle of the night. I’m still not quite over it though I feel miles better than I did. 2. Some tech issues flattened the website for several hours yesterday, […]

Bell Does What Bell Does, Treats Me Terribly Even While Trying To Keep My Business. I’ve Cancelled

Bell is a lot of things, many of them not overly positive. One of those things, and you can take this however you’d like, is consistent. Today, I finally did it. I cancelled our Bell service. It’s been a long time coming, much longer than the date on this post would suggest. It feels pretty […]

Who’s Got A Bag Filled With All Our Stuff? Santa’s Got A Bag Filled With All Our Stuff!

So that’s where all the nifty stuff we get for Christmas comes from. A man is facing several charges after breaking into a home and making off with jewellery, cash, tools, alcohol, electronics, guns and ammunition. That man? Charles Santa. I hope the police aren’t too hard on him. He may have done it for […]

Knock Knock. Who’s There? A Drug Dealer. A Drug Dealer Who? A Drug Dealer Who Just Got Busted

Police raid drug houses every day, but it’s not every day they have to do so little legwork to catch the dealers. While police were searching the house, a manĀ knocked on the closed front door. When police asked who it was, heĀ identified himself as a drug dealer. Officers opened the door and the surprised man […]

Comcast Takes Break From Stifling Competition, Builds Blind Accessible Cable Box

Saying nice things about companies such as Comcast becomes an increasingly difficult task on a daily basis, largely thanks to the efforts of companies such as Comcast. But credit where it’s due, this sounds pretty damn amazing and I want one very much. X1 TALKS: COMCAST LAUNCHES INDUSTRY’S FIRST VOICE GUIDED TV INTERFACE Comcast today […]

Canada Gets Online Access To The WWE Network, But Only If You’re Already Signed Up To The TV Version

While the number of TV providers that offer WWE Network in Canada remains stuck at two (Rogers and Eastlink), there’s still some pretty big news to report today. If you’re a network subscriber through either one of those companies, you can now get the online access you should have had to it all along. To […]