2014 The Year It Was

Now that Carin has done our year end post, Gill has decided that it’s time to do one of her own.

Well my friends the calendar has rolled over yet again, but before I treat you to stuff about the up coming year we must discuss the previous one. The good, bad, and you decide.

Good Times

The Surprising Lie

Back almost a year ago I got an invitation to join my parents at a little birthday party for my younger sister. The wheels began to turn, and some mischief formed. The day I left for my parents home I e-mailed my sister saying that I had a service project to do with some of the women from my church, and would not be able to attend.


Thursday evening I sat with bated breath watching the Big Bang Theory,as soon as the car lights signaling my dad’s return from picking her up at the bus station I disappeared in to the curly cue of the stairs. I made my way slow and cool toward the kitchen, and focused my attention mainly on the show. When I heard her talking about the weather, I entered the room, and said, “it should be fine Saturday Morning.` to which she responded “what the hell are you doing here?`

Cruising and Druthers

In early spring, I got to see some beautiful jewels. No, I didn’t buy them. I got to go on a fabulous cruise. St. Thomas is the Paris of the Caribbean, shopping can be found pretty much when you step off the boat. Barbados has loads of golf courses, and a cool laid back atmosphere. St. Lucia, my favorite, has plenty of hiking and outdoors activities. St. Kitts, although not my favorite is perfect to practice doing nothing. St. Martin, well Segways are super cool, and they have a Star Wars shop right there in the capital.


If choosing a destination I would choose St. Lucia for the beautiful vistas, nature trails, and activities. I would go back to St. Martin for the cool scooters, and to get my nerd on at the Star Wars shop.

July’s Good Stuff

I normally go to a Bible retreat in July, but this year held something special. First off I went to have lunch with someone who was a big encouragement when I was little, she was my gymnastics coach, and I got to have one last little bit of time with her. My favorite cousin came up from Indiana where she and her family now live, and we had a family reunion/bbq.

New Faves

I found an Indian restaurant that has the best semosas in the world. Bombay Grill is about a ten minute drive from home, and is fantastic! I also finally got to try the works. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Burgers and fries served on baking sheets? Talk about cool factor!

The Bad

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Did Someone order a polar Vortex? Last winter felt like we had been locked in a freezer.

Let The Girls Go!

In the early spring a Nigerian terror cell disguised themselves as guards kidnapped 300 school girls. A campaign on social media was launched, and although some escaped many still are imprisoned.

It’s Personal

The leader of my prayer group at the time was born in Nigeria, and has asked that we all continue to pray for these young girls.

Eric Williams Rest In Peace
Eric Williams Jan. 2 1976-Apr. 22 2014

There is a Billy Joel song that says only the good die young. This person just by his words, infectious sense of humor, and willingness to help others, was a perfect example. I won’t remember the fights, but the fact that, when others didn’t want me around, he invited me.

Bieber’s Hall Pass

Sometime last year videos surfaced of so-called entertainer Justin Bieber making a joke with the N word, and singing a song with it in it. Many people suggested that he was young and stupid. From some of the stories of people on the comet, stupid only increases with age.


I honestly think he got that pass because he was Canadian. Much Like when some people openly use the racial slur, which Canadians invented, for East Indians.

Too Much Tragedy

In November the world lost yet another shiny star. My gymnastics coach lost a short battle with a fast acting cancer.


I will always remember walking out on to the gym floor at the local elementary school with those dark green gym suits, tumbling and trying, and glowing with delight at Mrs. Thatcher’s praises.

Other Notes

This year was fraught also with racial issues. Ferguson, New York, and at the end Columbia Missouri. I also spent a week and a half with a song in my head. A young soldier was killed on home soil. Here’s hoping 2015 is less yuck, and more good.

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