Mmmmm…Detergent Pods!

Holy crap this line from a story on children being poisoned by laundry pods. Just…holy crap.

Jessica Morin of Houston says her 9-month-old daughter, Marlow, was sickened earlier this year when Jessica’s grandmother mistook a detergent pod for a teething toy and put it in the baby’s mouth.
“I called poison control and they said to take her to the ER immediately,” Morin said. Marlow was repeatedly vomiting and underwent tests, but doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital found no serious damage and she didn’t need to stay overnight.
“We were very lucky,” Morin said. “We don’t have those pods in our house anymore.”

I’m pretty sure the pods aren’t the problem, my dear. It’s grandma you ought to be worried about. Unless she’s got a spot of the dementia or was never too bright in the first place, there’s literally no excuse for this.

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