Little Jimmy Kickens

If the title of this post upsets you, blame Brad. He wrote it. Never mind that had I written it I’d have called it the same thing.

Let’s begin this post with a soundtrack, shall we?

Ahhh yes, that’s better. Here’s hoping that’s not where they buried him.

While visiting Steve and Carin back about ten years ago, we were surfing the Galaxy Music channels and stumbled upon the above soundtrack, and what a gem it was. That started us looking online to see just who in the hell was singing it because, you know, we had to know so as we could obtain a copy for ourselves. Turns out it was Little Jimmy Dickens. That started me on a sort of download spree. I imagine most of you have done that, heard one song by an artist you liked, so went off on a mad dash to get more of their stuff. Anyway, I now have upwards of twenty of his songs in my collection, and there’s likely more I wouldn’t mind having.

He was called Little Jimmy Dickens because he was only four Foot Eleven. He was signed by Columbia Records in 1948, and is, or was, the oldest member of the Grand Ole Opry, having been a member since, a long time ago. Here’s his biography if you’re curious.

Jimmy died on January 2nd of Cardiac Arrest in hospital after a short battle with an undisclosed illness. He had performed only a couple weeks before that at the Opry for his birthday celebration. He was 94.

I’ll leave you with this, released in 1965.

And, in case you’re hoping for an encore, have a listen to this lovely little number.

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  1. He had to use that damn bird of paradise song. Bleh.

    There’s nothing wrong with that song, just what a certain moronic 10-year-old did with it, i.e. belted it out at a wedding. Sorry Aunt Pat. Sorry, really I am.

    1. I’m glad you told this story on your own. Saves me the trouble of figuring out how to lead you into telling it.

      1. Buh. I can’t hear that song without wanting to hide from view.

        1. The part of the story I can’t quite remember is when and how you realized that you might have been able to choose a little better.

          1. when I was a couple years older. I was blissfully unaware at the time.

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