This Is Canada

It sounds like Gill has a few gripes with you, Canada. And you too, Molson.

You have probably heard that before. Someone complaining about immigrants, or praising something about this country.
The Upside

There aren’t that many places I know of that have nature trails, or vast expanses of wilderness with in fifty Km of major urban centers. I also discovered a hidden gem right in my own backyard. It’s a brand new Indian place called Moghul’s. Their semosas aren’t as great as Bombay Grill, but when it comes to that is there truly any other kind than freshly made?

Mountains Close To Home

I grew up not twenty minutes from some of the best skiing this side of Whistler. In fact I learned to ski on a mountain called Alpine. In summer these mini-mountains transform in to hiking and biking areas.

The Downside

Although us Canadians can boast mountains, cool restaurants, and vast pockets of productive farmland there is a downside to life here.

Feeling The pressure

I talked to a Pakistani born friend of mine who said she liked life here, because she could be educated, choose her spouse, and live where she wants. However she did tell me that when she was working she felt great pressure to knock off early, and go drinking. Sadly this is common. When people come to Canada, especially from places where alcohol is harder to come by, or is completely illegal it’s probably a huge culture shock to see bars and alcohol providers on almost every corner.

Time To Redefine

Instead of hitting the bars, or watching hockey, why not try that Moroccan restaurant that you always walk by? Or how about joining a hiking club? You can redefine Canadian by trying the new stuff around.

What does it mean to be Canadian

People will tell you that we are polite and friendly. However with all those alcohol providers supplying our liquid friendliness when you sober us all up we’re actually one of the most depressed populations. To me Canada should be more honest about which people they like and which they don’t like. I myself love everyone, and wish that we would stop being so hypocritical.

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