I Don’t Like This Picture. Can I Come In And Have You Take Another One, Officer?

Being forced to look at a bad picture of yourself can be a horrible feeling, especially when that picture is one meant for public consumption. But when public consumption equals the Columbus, Ohio police department’s Warrant Wednesday feature because you robbed a friend at gunpoint, it might be best to just suck it up, buttercup. Hard as it may be to keep quiet in the face of such an affront to your dignity and good name, it sure beats the Monica Hargrove approach.

Police say the woman was so upset by the mug shot photo, which she considered unflattering, that she called within 48 hours of the post.
“She contacted the detective listed on the Facebook post and said, ‘Hey, I want my picture down,'” Alex-Bouzounis said. “[The detective] said, ‘Come on in and we’ll talk about it.'”
And, police say, that is exactly what Hargrove did.
“She came in and he put her under arrest,” said Alex-Bouzounis.

If there’s a reward, I wonder if she gets it. Maybe she could use the money to have some better photos taken.

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