Now His Friends Can Call Him A Heartless Individual And They’re Not Wrong

Have another soundtrack.

I could groove to this forever.

Wow, what we can do with technology, like cram a life-saving compressor into a backpack. This guy has no human heart, just an artificial heart and tubes in his chest leading to a compressor on his back.

When I first read this, I thought they let him out of the hospital like this, and this was how he was going to live the rest of his life, and had so many questions. Like, how does he sleep? Does he ever have to worry about his life-saving backpack being jostled the wrong way? Can he go to the airport? I’d hate to see the TSA dealing with that. They can barely deal with a dog sometimes!

But, upon reading it again, it sounds like it’s temporary, and lets him cruise out of the hospital for short trips. How awesome is that? I imagine being in the hospital for months would be downright depressing. Just being in there for 8 days was depressing enough.

Go technology. We really have some incredible stuff.

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