The Hounds On The Bus Say “That’s My Stop,” All Around The Town.

I saw this story of a dog who rides the bus to the dog park alone, and I smiled, even though I had lots of questions, which have been answered. None of them, by the way are how does she know where to get off? Both Tansy and Trix would indicate when we had arrived at our popular bus stops…sometimes, Tansy indicates at bus stops we’ve never gotten off the bus at, but we’ve walked past them. For example, she got very excited as the bus approached Weber and Fergus. Why? Well, there’s her pet food store, right there. We always walk there, never take the bus, but one day I was on a bus that went by, and she wanted me to know about it.

I wonder if a service dog has gotten on one of these buses when this pooch has taken a solo ride. Is she so good that she can avoid the temptation of another dog?

At any rate, that’s a smart beast who loves her some dog park time.

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