What Time Does The Number 2 Get Here?

Some guy taking a dump at a bus stop and then calmly leaving when his bus arrives really isn’t all that funny or out of the ordinary on its own, but the moment being captured on a security camera belonging to a store that sells toilets certainly ups the amusement factor, so let’s go with it, so to speak.

Gav Lall, owner of the nearby H2O Plus bathroom shop, captured the footage in the early hours of January 7 outside his premises in Blackheath, south east London.

He said: “I was completely disgusted – it’s not the sort of thing you would expect to see anywhere, really, especially outside a bathroom shop.

“We were alerted to the mess by a customer, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I checked our security footage.

“He even urinated on his mess too.

“Some people just don’t respect the public transport service.”

Some people would appear to include those from the city itself, since according to the article it took officials two days to clean it up.

Wait a minute, two days? Don’t even try telling me that wasn’t done on purpose.

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