Canada Gets Online Access To The WWE Network, But Only If You’re Already Signed Up To The TV Version

While the number of TV providers that offer WWE Network in Canada remains stuck at two (Rogers and Eastlink), there’s still some pretty big news to report today.

If you’re a network subscriber through either one of those companies, you can now get the online access you should have had to it all along. To get started, hit this link.

After choosing your provider, you’ll be asked to create a account if you don’t already have one. There’s an option to sign in through Facebook or Twitter, but I didn’t like the looks of what authorizing the WWE sharing app to use my Twitter account would allow it to do so I opted to sign up via email instead. Once you have that, you’ll be asked to sign into your Rogers or Eastlink account. When that’s done, you’re good to go. The whole process takes maybe a minute, a little longer if you’re like me and can’t remember your Rogers password at first. I was surprised how easy it actually was. With Rogers on the job, I fully expected it not to be as simple as advertised and wouldn’t have been surprised if it didn’t work at all. But it does work, and I’m watching the first episode of Saturday Night’s Main Event in the background while I type. I still have to see what it does when I try it on the iPod Touch, but desktops and laptops is definitely a good start.

This really is a big development. If they’re not going to bother putting the full on demand library on the TV service as they should, we at least have access now to all of what we’re paying $2 more than the Americans for. It’s especially nice for blind dudes like me who couldn’t even use the crappy television version of on demand if we wanted to because nobody wants to build us an accessible cable box.

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