Your Lawyer Is Funnier Than You

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s worse here. Allison Voner shooting a video of herself near a courthouse using cocaine and heroin, illegally driving a car and ranting about her probation officer, her putting that video on Facebook for everyone to see including the aforementioned probation officer or her lawyer saying with a straight face that the judge should go easy on her because she did it all for the giggles.

Voner’s defence lawyer John Daly Jr. tried to explain away the video as being a joke.
“She frequently Facebooks out entertaining videos,” he argued. “It was meant as an entertaining video only. It was comedy.”

If Voner was a police officer, a stupid argument like that might have worked. But as a regular citizen, she ended up getting what she deserved in return for her efforts to entertain. Her probation was revoked, she was held on $5000 bail in relation to a different possession of heroin case, held without bail in a credit card fraud matter and also held on a warrant that was issued by another court for charges that weren’t specified.

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