The Year Things Fell Apart

Had I been thinking, I would definitely have suggested this to Carin as a soundtrack for her goodbye to 2014 post. The Year Things Fell Apart.

It’s almost perfect. A good balance of screw you to the past and hope for the future, not to mention that it’s just a good little song.

Here are the lyrics, in case you couldn’t catch them all.

Say goodbye to the year things fell apart
As beginnings go, let’s call that one a false start
We could use some education, we could use some thought control
To help us pull ourselves out of this hole
Adios to the poster year of down
Sayonara to all energy vampires and clowns
No more arsonists above us or arseholes down below
You say things could get worse but I don’t know….

Say goodbye to the year things fell apart
Not between us, though, and doubtless, that’s the best part
This was just our Maiden Voyage not The Shape of [Things] to Come
It’s Kind of Blue right now, but not for long
Say goodbye

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