Doctor-Assisted Suicide Will Soon Be Legal, Thank The Lord

This news is a couple weeks old now, but it’s good news and it needs sharing. The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the ban on doctor -assisted suicide for mentally competent people suffering from terminal illnesses, saying that the current rules violate our Charter of Rights. Not only did the court kill it, […]

You Either Take Gold In The Sailing Obstacle Course, Or You Die

Serious question. does anyone from the IOC bother visiting these places before they’re chosen as Olympics host nations? And if yes, are any of them allergic to bribes? 2016 Rio Olympics: Raw sewage, trash will remain in sailing waters No plan ‘B’ despite dirty conditions Rio de Janeiro Olympic organizers said Tuesday they have “no […]

The WWE Network Is Finally Available On Bell

Update: If you’ve looked at the comments under this post, you’ve seen people complaining and rightfully so about the lack of on demand access given to Bell customers. As of this report last night, that’s no longer the case. I went just now to check it out for myself and there are now options for […]