My Tangle With Tripe

Holy crap, I think this is the first audio from our Kitchener place. Isn’t that scary?

A little background. A while ago, Brad took a gamble and bought these cans of tripe to feed Trix along with her regular food. What is tripe? Well, basically the stomach of an animal that eats grass and things. For some reason, Trix loves the stuff. From time to time, he would tell me just how disgusting a certain can of tripe was, and tell me I need to get some for Tans.

Then last Christmas, he sent Tans a present, and in the box was a can of tripe. Guh! He kept asking me when I was going to open the tripe and give it to her, and he wanted to hear it. I kept putting it off, and life gave me reason after reason to put it off.

I put it off so long that when Brad was here for New Years, the can of tripe remained unopened. That didn’t last, and here is the resulting audio. I think it’s about 15 minutes long.

One thing I need to define. DNG means darn near gagged, and yup, that describes what I was doing.

Tansy loved the stuff…so…maybe I will have to buy more and get tough. Blarch. I always hated wet dog and cat food because of how much it stinks. Tripe is pretty bad, and by the sounds of it, every can is a different beast. Oh god.

So, um, enjoy this audio, or something, and hey, this is the first time Brad has been on one of these.

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