Black History Minute

And now, Gill takes a moment to honour this month and remember a good friend.

A Comment Made By Eric

A few years back I was talking to my friend Eric about different things, and the subject of time travel somehow made its way in to our chat. I asked him if there was ever a time he would wish to go back too, and he told me “I am glad to have been born a black man after 1960.` I never thought much of it, but I did know Eric had grown up in the renovated South. He certainly didn’t have to face the horrors of Jim Crow, or the possible attacks and brutality of the KKK.

The Bad Old Days

Sometime around 1900 in Memphis Tennessee an African American grocer was doing well enough to put his white competitor out of business. His store was located on a stretch of road called The Curve. Angry whites were seeking their revenge when Thomas and his workers took matters in to their own hands. Needless to say many died that day both black and white.

Eric’s South

By the time Eric was coming up in the 1980’s much had changed, with a few old hold outs the South was pretty much intergrated. Eric could flirt with as many white women as he wanted with out any fear. I myself am glad to say that I count among the ones he flirted with. I miss him, and Eric, this article is for you.

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