If You Really Believe In That Serve And Protect Stuff, You’ll Let Me Use Your Gun

Some things, no matter how many times you try them, are just never going to go well. This, for instance.

“Hey, let me use your gun!” Deondrae Hall asked a Florida detective walking into the Boynton Beach Police Department headquarters. “I need to use your gun to take care of some niggas who robbed me,” Hall explained.
When his request was turned down by the cop, Hall petitioned a second officer who was leaving the precinct. “Hey I need to use your gun!,” he said.

What kind of person would do that, you ask? The answer, at least according to the police tasked with hauling him in (Halling him in?), is an intoxicated, belligerent one. Duh.

Hall was charged with public intoxication, narcotics possession based on the bag of cocaine found on him when he was searched and one I hadn’t heard of before, corruption by threat. That’s apparently the one you get when you tell a policeman who won’t loan you his service weapon that “I have a Glock 40 for your pussy ass bitch” or “Fuck you juicy pussy cracker bitch!”

Wait a minute. If he’s got a Glock 40, what’d he need to borrow Pussy Ass Bitch’s for?

He is currently free on $5000 bond, since it’s considerably easier to get someone to let you use their money.

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