Anybody Got Change For A Bag Of Drugs?

It’s nice to have good friends. Friends that will bail you out of jail when you get arrested for drunk driving. Or friends that will keep a seat warm for you when you come in to bail them out when you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, but forget to unhide your bag of cocaine from within the money first.

Fifty-one-year-old Royal Norton went into a Clinton Township, Michigan police station Saturday to post bail for a friend, arrested on an intoxicated driving charge.
Norton handed over three $100 bills to cover the bail when the desk officer noticed the bag between two of the bills.
Norton said the bag was garbage, but police had their suspicions and had the substance tested.

Maybe he meant the product was garbage?

When the test came back positive, Norton was placed under arrest…while standing next to a poster for a local drug tip hotline.

Surprisingly and I mean that in the pleasant sense, in spite of the bail money kinda sorta maybe being evidence, his friend was allowed to go.

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