From Dream Home To Nightmare

Steve said he got this from Michelle, but it looked like one I’d want to post. After getting rid of all the shivers, I agreed.

This Kathy Rowe woman is like the worst combination of Philip Conran and Jennifer Petkov. It all started when a young couple outbid her on a home she really really wanted. I get the idea of having your heart set on something and the feeling of disappointment when you don’t get it. But what this woman did was just…out of this world creepy and dangerous, and she has the gall to say she never meant to harm anyone. How can we be expected to believe that?

Let’s go through the list of things she did, which probably isn’t even a complete list.

  • She relisted the house on the internet using a false name.
  • She signed them up to subscriptions to who knows what and sent them adult diapers.
  • She posted ads for free fireworks, parties and other ads inviting religious organizations over to their house.
  • She also put the woman’s photo up on sex websites, saying she wanted to be surprised and have a man force his way into the house.
  • She distributed leaflets saying a sex-offender had moved into the neighbourhood.
  • She sent Valentine cards around to the neighbour’s wives and made it look like the husband wrote them.

Doing all of those things takes time and effort. I don’t care if she said she snapped. All of this takes a lot of planning. If she didn’t mean to harm anyone, she would have had lots of opportunities to stop and reconsider that doing this stuff probably isn’t going to end well.

I don’t know what it is about this woman, but every time she talks, I envision a small child’s face superimposed over her own, bawling her eyes out and maybe throwing a tantrum. This is not the way a 53-year-old woman should act.

After she did all of that, she got no jail time, which kind of surprises me. Call me heartless for not giving her any mercy on the grounds that her husband was diagnosed with a pretty serious cancer and she had to take care of her daughter, but I would hope that most of us, even under a lot of stress, wouldn’t go to that level to harass someone else. This wasn’t an isolated incident of road rage or a couple of harassing phone calls. This was a campaign of abuse. I think that amount of scary was in there all along, just waiting for the right circumstances to bring it to the surface. She may have been a respected community member at one time, but I personally wouldn’t want her anywhere near any community organizations, ever. Is it wrong that every time she said “I may be the least liked person in San Diego County,” I thought “Yup, that’s a fair and deserving assessment.”?

I just hope the family she harassed can eventually feel safe in their own home, even though they know the woman capable of unleashing this much hell only lives a mile from them. I admire them for staying there, even though leaving would make you feel like she had won. But there’s only so far your principles can go when you’re afraid to open your door because of what could be on the other side, thanks to someone who didn’t have something go their way and can’t handle it.

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