Another Round Of Fact Or Fiction

Alright, let’s try this Fact or Fiction wrestling thing again. If you missed it the first time, here’s what the hell I’m talking about. And here are the 411 answers from February 11th so you can follow along. Hey, I said I’d do it, not that I’d be punctual about it.

1. Despite backlash from part of the WWE audience, the company will stay the course and main event WrestleMania 31 with Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title.

I’m writing this having not seen all of Fast Lane yet, so I’m going to say yes. that’s what I picked in my prediction contest, so for the sake of me gaining some ground on the people ahead of me I hope that’s what happened. And truth be told, as long as Bryan loses a good, clean, competitive match that makes it look like Reigns truly earned the spot, I have no problem with that. Bryan vs. Brock seems like it would be a much more interesting match, but Brock is Brock and I think Reigns is good enough that they can do something worthwhile especially if we’re given some good, sensible build-up…uh-oh. Considering how the Rumble was handled, that might be a problem. Time to hope for the best, I suppose. Sometimes Wrestlemania season does bring that out of WWE, and this had better be one of those times if they’re not wanting to ruin their can’t miss prospect.

2. You have no interest in WWE booking Chael Sonnen or Wanderlei Silva in any capacity.

Yeah, pretty much that. Bringing Chael in as an announcer could be alright, but I didn’t pay to watch those 2 fight for real so why would I give a shit about them having a wrestling match? Whatever money it would take to bring them in, do something worthwhile and throw it at Brock Lesnar’s new contract instead.

3. Chyna deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

I was never a fan, but sure she does. She had a pretty good run on her own, plus she was a big part of DX who are probably going in as a group one of these years so if nothing else, that should get her in. I understand why WWE wouldn’t want to put her in though, and it has nothing to do with the flimsy she did porn and kids might Google her type garbage that Triple H gave as reasons for hesitating to induct her. My problem is that she’s fucking nuts. Read some of the things she’s said in tweets and interviews (even the recent ones) and tell me you have no problem putting a working microphone in her hand and saying go to town. Were it up to me I’d have had the same concerns about the much more deserving Ultimate Warrior before his induction, but that worked out just fine. Maybe one day I’ll be saying the same about Chyna. I hope I will, but I don’t think now is the time. She’s still got some shit that needs getting together.

4. You’re more excited for NXT Takeover: Rival than WWE Fast Lane.

I absolutely was, and the NXT show more than delivered. Other than how they handle the main event, Fast Lane just seems like it’s sort of there. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like we’re a shade over a month out from Mania. By now I should be getting excited about something, but that’s not happening.

5. You have no interest in the ROH 13th Anniversary PPV

Hahahahaha, that’s a good one. ROH and NXT feel more like my Wrestlemania right now than Wrestlemania does. I know that no matter what, if I give my money to Ring of Honor I’m going to get a solid night of wrestling and storytelling that isn’t going to make me feel like a fool. I don’t even need a particular match to look forward to, because I know that from top to bottom the effort is going to be there and I’ll be entertained.

6. The Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn video package produced for the NXT Takeover: Rival special is the kind of thing the needs to be done for the main roster feuds.

On the surface, this is an easy yes. I mean watch this thing.

It really made the match feel important, plus it got people who weren’t aware caught up on just enough of the years of history between them to feel like it was more than just some match between a couple of guys that knew each other from somewhere. Whenever you can make something feel like it’s an event you don’t want to miss, you should. But before a video like this can be effective, the story already has to be there. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit, as the saying goes. With WWE’s love of show to show, don’t worry about the logic holes because nobody will notice booking, there’s a serious lack of times when a put it over the top package would be of any great value. But if they happen upon a good chance to use it, they’d be fools not to.

And that’s it. I’m going to go watch Fast Lane and hopefully not get angry now. Thank you WWE Network for replaying the hell out of it.

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