I’ll Say Goodbye With A Little Help From My Friends

The more I sift through all of the things that have piled up in my RSS reader, the more it hits me just how much of a lost year 2014 was for us. Like seriously, how in the hell did I not mention that Joe Cocker died? He’s only responsible for the best cover I’ve ever heard. If it’s not the best, it’s way up there.

Truth be told, for years I thought this was Joe’s song. I didn’t learn the real deal until I borrowed a Beatles tape from a friend when I was like 12 or 13. It bothered me that a band who was supposed to be so great and influential would do such a crappy version of a really good tune, so I started asking questions. Once I was clued in it somehow made even less sense, and it was on that day that I began giving far less of a shit about the Beatles.

And then there’s this, which I’m almost positive would be just another one of the world’s zillion cheesy love songs if anyone else sang it.

Don’t ask me why it works so well. It just does. It’s so…believable.

And seeing as it’s in my head now, have a listen to another good one, Up Where We Belong.

I used to think they were singing “The liquor’s up where we belong.” Makes perfect sense if you know some of the people I grew up around.

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