My Password Is Keep Your Mitts Off My Damn Password

I propose a new rule. Until a city/state/province/village/hamlet/nation finds itself represented by a government filled with the type of folks that can send an email without asking their grandkids for help, hands off anything to do with technology and privacy, old timer. As supporting evidence, I submit this problematic bit of Illinois’ new cyberbullying legislation, […]

Homemade Pill Pockets: For When Your Dog Is A Pill About Taking Pills

I got a recipe for making homemade pill pockets. I figured I’ll put this up. It might help me later on when I get a dog who doesn’t hoover up everything in her bowl, meds included. Maybe it might help Brad out with Trixeroo if she needs meds, since she was very talented at avoiding […]

Could It Be? Could I Be Getting My Blind Guy Cable Box?

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but this nugget I found buried near the bottom of a release from the CRTC sounds pretty promising. Lord knows I’ve been surprised before, but there don’t seem to be many ways to twist this into meaning anything other than what it sounds like it […]