Help Marianne’s Place Recover From A Flood

Wow, this is sad. Remember the women’s shelter I wrote about many moons ago? Well, thanks to a horribly-plugged toilet, they had a disastrous flood. So many of those every day food items and supplies that make the world continue to revolve in that place are destroyed. Walls, floors and ceilings need repair. And they need a heapin’ helpin’ of…help. If you have any money to spare, and want to help them out, go to their website and donate. The donate page is a bit cumbersome for a screen-reader, at least for NVDA and Firefox. The autocompleters are not your friend. If I wasn’t stubborn, I would have been donating as Mr. Carin Headrick. *oops*.

I can’t even imagine the chaos they’re going through. Life in there is already chaotic on a normal day, and people in there come to the shelter with so few things, and need such basic things, like blankets and diapers and clothes. I hope they get lots of assistance from the community. It sounds like they are, but I hope it continues. I imagine they will need a lot of cash, so if you can, help them out. I bet whoever fears they may have been the one to plug the toilet feels really really bad right now.

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