May Leonard Nimoy’s Memory Live Long

Soundtrack time.

I know the whole world knows this by now but I might as well join the chorus of those saying goodbye to Leonard Nimoy. He died on Friday, at age 83.

I wasn’t the hugest of original Star Trek fans, even though it was awesomely forward-thinking for its time. But without that, we wouldn’t have had TNG, of which I was a much bigger fan. But even without that, this is Spock we’re talking about over here. We can’t just let him slip by without a note.

I’m learning that this guy put out a lot of…music? I can’t imagine how actually musical some of it was, but I’m sure it was neat. I have to admit that The Balad of Bilbo Baggins gets stuck in my head.

Heck, he did a little bit of everything, from directing movies, to photography, to poetry, to music, you name it, it looks like he probably did it.

He must have known he was dying. His last tweet says it all.

Good words to remember.

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