Let’s Eat

Gill is back, and she’s talking about food. She’s also making me want pizza and cupcakes.

I’ve always liked Topper’s. It’s definitely on the better end of the takeout/delivery scale. Carin, Brad, Trixie and I ordered from there back on New Year’s Eve. Yes, Trixie. the little shit helped herself to a slice of the dessert pizza as it sat closed on our kitchen table. She has good taste, but Brad must be a bad influence. She didn’t do that when we had her…well, other than that time she took a doughnut, but I think she did that one out of some sort of stress. Carin will need to give the specifics on that one. Maybe she already has, I dunno. She writes about everything. Oh, and Trix did try to gank a slice of pizza off the ground once during a walk through downtown Guelph. While I figure out how to pin that one on Brad, I’ll hand you over to gill.

Hey friends I’m back! I was recently visiting my parents, and then my sister, but the food adventures didn’t stop!


Here’s a bit of history. In 1904 an Italian immigrant came to Canada armed with know how and time honored recipes. He established a bakery, and folks seeking a taste of the old country in every bite started flocking. Flash forward to 1982, and the grandson of this baker opened the first Toppers Pizza in Sudbury Ontario.

Tasting Famous

On Wednesday February 25th my dad and I went to our local Toppers in Colingwood. I ordered the vegetarian personal panned, and my dad ordered the ham and pineapple. It doesn’t look like your average carry out, it’s kind of dimly lit, and one can sit down and enjoy if they choose. I must admit that each bite had me picturing rolling hills, fresh garlic, and homemade olive oil prepared by hands that had generations of experience. It also helped that the pizza doe was made from that same doe that evoked images of meatballs simmering on stoves, and grandmothers in aprons shoeing you out until just that right time.

Hey It’s Coffee

If you are looking for a coffee shop that is a little something different Ashanti is just the spot. Most coffee shops are given to serving your standard fair, coffees of all or most stripes, tea, and cold coffee. The food selection is often on the boring side tuna salad sandwiches, and broccoli soup. Not here! Ashanti’s cool factor is bumped up by the fact that they offer a house latte, and when I was in there Thursday their soup of the day was Thai Chicken Coconut Curry.

Cupcakes For a Cause

On Thursday February 26th at the Ashanti in my hometown, the local Humane Society had set up a fund raiser where the proceeds from cupcakes sold went to continue their work. I had the red velvet, if you out there reading this don’t know, red velvet is my go too confection. When I had it after dinner that night it was bakery fresh with thick and delicious icing. For those also in the dark in Readerville, I am mildly diabetic, and this was a perfect cheat.

Well, now that I have bated the hooks, and have you drooling, I must run along, so more eats later, and there’s a rock concert to be discussed.

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