Did Somebody Say Where’s My Damn Ketchup?

Yet again, someone has attacked a restaurant after a botched food order. And this time things weren’t even screwed up that badly. All the folks at McDonald’s did wrong was forget to toss some ketchup in the bag. By regular McDonald’s standards, that’s nothing.

Employees at the business reported a red passenger car occupied by a white man and a white woman had left the business after being disgruntled over ketchup not being included in their order. Shortly afterward, the business reported the drive-up window had been shot out.

Police discovered the drive-up window had been damaged with two small holes in the window glass. A small BB gun projectile was located on the ground outside the business near the damaged window. Additionally, two vehicles in the parking lot damaged by BB gun projectiles.

Michael Harvey and Barbara Moore were arrested and charged with several things, all of which were unrelated to the restaurant shooting. Police were still sorting that part out at the time of this report. Harvey already had a felony warrant for his arrest after violating the terms of his probation, while Moore, who was also on probation, was found to be carrying a fake $100 bill. She was charged with felony possession of fictitious currency, which won’t do much for her in the probation department, I suspect.

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