Dear City Hall: Please Find Enclosed A Copy Of My Latest Novel, Entitled You Idiots Can’t Do Anything Right

The Dutch city of Dordrecht has found itself embroiled in a dispute with angry area resident Mustafa Karasahin. It says he’s a slumlord, while he says the standards by which such things are measured are unfair. As many folks do when they feel they have been wronged, Karasahin wrote an angry letter. Then he wrote another one. And another one. And then another and another and another until in the span of two years he had sent more than 3500 of them. Because of this, a court has now put in place a two letter per month limit. For every extra letter or email he sends, Karasahin gets to spend a day in jail up to a maximum of one year.

I get the theory behind what the city is doing here, but if this Karasahin fellow is smart, there’s an easy way around it. Send two letters per month as they tell you to, but make sure each of them is like 200 pages long. As far as I can tell, the only limit is on the number of letters, not the number of words. And since it says right here that the city is obligated to answer all of its mail, his admitted revenge plot would be just as effective as it’s always been.

That’s what I’d do, anyway.

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