Hey There, City. Can I Hit You Up For Some Money To Fix My Car?

Here’s your stupid lawsuit of the day.

Megan Campbell, an employee of the St. Paul, Minnesota Parks and Recreation department, was driving a supply van one day when she turned a corner and hit a parked car, causing what was said to be some serious front bumper damage. As luck would have it the car she hit turned out to be her own, so now she’s doing what any sensible person would. She’s suing the city for nearly $2000 in damages.

“Because I was working for the city and driving the city vehicle, I feel they are responsible for paying for the damage done to my car,” she writes in her “notice of claim.


But here’s where things get fun.

The way I read this, there’s some question as to whether or not the accident ever happened.

City officials say they have not yet reviewed the details of her claim, but a number of initial concerns stand out. The supply van had been rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and neither Campbell nor the rental agency reported damage to the van after the Aug. 4 crash, said parks department spokesman Brad Meyer.
Campbell’s claim maintains that the van, a Chevy Express, sustained a scrape and a popped tire.

“Our safety and security coordinator wasn’t made aware of the accident that occurred in early August until Sept. 25, so based on established city accident reporting policies and Parks and Rec Department incident paperwork requirements, it seems protocols weren’t properly followed,” Meyer said.


And here’s where it gets even more fun.

Whenever a city vehicle is involved in an accident (let’s assume this one was), the circumstances are investigated by an accident review board. Depending on the board’s findings, disciplinary action could be taken. That disciplinary action can range from restricted driving privileges (maybe not the worst idea) all the way up to employee termination.


That would be some justice, wouldn’t it?

If she wins, she’d better hope for a generous judgment. She’ll need it to pay the rent when the city fires her for being so careless with everyone’s vehicles.

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