I Don’t What?

We’re nowhere near Frazey Ford territory, but here’s a misheard song lyrics story.

I’m in the kitchen doing something or other the other morning and this song comes on the radio.

“This sounds alright,” I think to myself. “Pretty groovy.” You know, because I live in the 60s or whatever decade it was when groovy was still a thing people said with sincerity. In any case, I’m enjoying myself. Then I notice the chorus.

“Um…wait…that can’t be right…no. It’s not right. But it has to be right. It doesn’t sound like anything else. But it totally doesn’t fit with the rest of the song. Music is weird. But no…it can’t be that.”

That was basically me between fits of laughter for the rest of the song.

Thankfully Tom Power came on at the end and clued me in to the fact that what I had been listening to is called Don’t Wanna Fight. But even though I’ve heard it several times since then, you’re still not convincing me that she isn’t singing “I don’t look fat no more.”

And before anyone gets any ideas, I am aware that they are not singing about me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fuckers.

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