If You Want To Meet Women, You Have To Go Where Women Go

I’m running out of ways to introduce these I was looking for a date guys, so I’m just gonna let the prosecutor take it from here.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Neil Williams said that at about 11am on September 1, a woman saw Choi inside the women’s public toilets below the ramp leading to the New Brighton Pier. He was standing there masturbating.

The shocked woman asked if he knew he was inside the women’s toilets, and when he said he was, the woman ran out. An hour later, another woman saw Choi standing outside the entrance to the women’s toilet at Waimairi Beach. He asked the woman if she could take him into the women’s toilet for “a hand job”. The woman was worried about her safety and ran to her car where she pretended to use her cellphone. Choi drove off in his car. Thirty-five minutes later he stopped the car beside a woman who was walking along Marine Parade. He asked for her to get in the car and show him the way to the women’s toilets.

When she refused, he asked her twice for her underwear. The fourth incident took place two days later when a Hei Hei woman who was mowing her lawn saw him stop his car in the middle of the road. When he had been sitting the car awhile, she became concerned and asked if he was looking for someone. He asked her directions to the ladies’ toilets and she suggested he try a nearby park, but he then asked her for her underwear.

Points for the can you take me into the bathroom for a hand job line, since it’s basically if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me without all the bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

Yoon Suk Choi (seriously) plead guilty to a charge of obscene exposure and three counts of offensive language and behaviour, which I guess is a thing in New Zealand.

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