In A Roundabout Way, I Know How He Feels. I’d Want To Punch Someone Who Wanted To Share Eggnog With Me

I really hope there’s more to this dust up than meets the eye, because though I know better, I like to think people aren’t really this nuts. Also, eggnog sucks.

Luke Jarnigan was dispatched to Saxe’s residence which he shares with his girlfriend Christina Wyant.

Wyant told Jarnigan that Saxe became violent when her teenage daughter asked for a glass of his eggnog. “Mr. Saxe got mad and punched a hole in the wall, screaming at (the daughter) for wanting some eggnog,” Jarnigan said. “Christina stated she told Saxe to stop, and that it was just eggnog. (The daughter) stated she went into the living room and told Saxe that if he did not want her to have the eggnog, she wouldn’t get any.”

Saxe then allegedly ran up to the daughter, “got in her face,” and started screaming at her. Wyant reportedly tried to get Saxe to stop, at which time Saxe allegedly pushed her down onto a couch. When Wyant got back up, Saxe allegedly began choking her. “Christina stated that at some point they all ended up on the floor, and Christina was yelling for Saxe to stop because he had his arms around (the daughter),” Jarnigan said. “Saxe stood up to punch Christina, and (the daughter’s boyfriend) pushed Saxe onto the couch.”

The daughter then called 911, and Saxe left the residence.

Surprisingly (and I mean that sincerely for once), neither alcohol nor any other substance beyond the disputed nog are believed to have been factors in the incident, nor was there thought to have been any arguing over anything else beforehand.

Dennis Joseph Saxe was being held in jail without bond at last word on two charges of domestic assault.

And before I forget, fuck eggnog.

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