How Did You Get Stuck In There, Ya Knobs?

After this, getting stuck in a car because the automatic door locks don’t work seems ever so slightly less stupid.

Amber Campbell and John Arwood, closet captives.
A man and a woman thought they were trapped in a Florida closet for two days until police let them out on Tuesday – and found out the two could have opened the door themselves.

John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, claimed they were chased into the closet at Daytona State College on Sunday, Daytona Beach police said. After two days in a Marine and Environmental Science Center janitor’s closet, where police found human faeces and copper scouring pads sometimes used to smoke crack, Arwood called 911 from his cell phone, police said.

All cops could nail them with was a charge for trespassing, because no drugs were found on them or in the closet. I bet I know why. Campbell was also dinged for violating her probation.

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