More Good News. WWE Network Access Through The Mobile App Is Now Available To Canadians

Yesterday, WWE put an end to last summer’s talk that Rogers would be building its own standalone version of a WWE Network app by pushing out an update giving Canadians access to the Network through the company’s own app.

On every level, this is a much more sensible way to go. Anything Rogers could build would only be an inferior version of functionality and content that already exists, or a virtual clone of what already exists with a bunch of ads pasted to it to further monetize what we’re already paying for. There was literally no good reason for Rogers to put the effort into a project like this, and I’m glad the right thing was done.

The process of using the network through the app is the same as using it on a desktop, which is unfortunate for cord cutters and people who can’t afford our country’s often ridiculous cable and satellite prices. You’ll need a account and an online account with your TV provider. Log in with both of those and once your access is confirmed, you’re good. When I did it this morning only Rogers and Eastlink were listed as choices, so somebody really needs to get on them to add Bell, Shaw and everyone else if that hasn’t happened already. I guess this is the part where I use the words clown show, as has become tradition.

Right now I’m testing it out using my iPod Touch to watch the old Clash of the Champions that was on TV yesterday because I missed most of it. So far, over an hour in, the stream is perfect. Hopefully this is good news for Wrestlemania next week since I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints lately about people having all kinds of trouble accessing the network on just about every device known to man.

And for anyone like me who needs to use Voiceover, you’ll be happy to know that though it’s not exactly intuitive and could benefit muchly from some headings for navigating event titles and some clearer button labeling, it’s absolutely usable. Over all, I’m happy.

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