I Heard A Song On The…Radial?

I learned something last week, and apparently I’m not the only one who did.

Someone was talking about those fields on a form where you have to choose one choice, for example are you male or female, and kept referring to them as radial buttons. I was 99.999999999999 percent sure they were supposed to be called radio buttons, but I didn’t want to correct them only to find out I was a giant fool. So off to Google I went.

I was in fact correct, it is called a rradio button. But just for fun, I searched for Radial button just to see what I would find, and lots of people are confused. I had assumed, and so did Steve, that this was one of those blinklish words, words only blind folks get wrong because they’ve listened to their screen-readers for too long. But no, sighted people make this mistake too. Crazy, crazy stuff. Steve and my minds were both a little blown that day.

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