We’ve got a second beverage fueled shooting, this one involving an apparent lack of orange juice in the Dukes family home. Orange juice, for the record, is better beer than either Busch or Budweiser.

Photo of Eldridge Dukes.
Eldridge Dukes, 58, and his son were fighting about the lack of orange juice in their home, according to a Baton Rouge police arrest report.

The squabble escalated when the victim broke a porcelain vase, and Dukes grabbed his .357 calibre handgun, family members told detectives. Dukes chased the victim out of the house and down the street, firing at least three times. He hit the victim once in the buttocks, detectives said.

Dukes confessed to the shooting and was booked on charges of attempted manslaughter and illegal use of a dangerous weapon. He may or may not be sitting tight in jail at the moment, which is surely more sitting than his son is doing.

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