To Get Us Through The Aeons of Ion Construction…

I think I’m cursed. A few years ago, I had the joy of living through Guelph Remastered. That was a heapin’ helpin’ of no fun. Now, just when I was feeling pretty good about my ability to wing around parts of Kitchener-Waterloo, along comes LRT construction. And oh me oh my oh boy. Time to expand my knowledge out of necessity.

So they’re building some kind of light rail transit system. From what I understand, it travels a corridor from Fairview Mall to Conestoga Mall, and is supposed to make travelling much faster. Time will tell. But, in order to lay this LRT system, they have to do one hell of a lot of construction of every type to the affected area, everything from removing trees to rerouting water mains. Yee ha. Some of these construction projects will take months, and I don’t think the whole thing will be done until 2017 if we’re lucky.

So, for people who don’t know, the affected area is pretty friggin huge and will probably find a way to touch every aspect of my life. Right now it’s messing with getting to work and home a smidge, and getting to one grocery store I like. But eventually, things will start morphing all over the place.

I started to wonder how I was going to keep up with all of this construction. Lucky for me, there’s a website for helping with just that. Also on the website but somewhat harder to find is this newsletter signup form. Why do you hide it so? Or am I just crappy at looking? Anyway, it will send you emails that Steve and I have nicknamed LRT doom updates. Basically they tell you which parts of King are getting ripped up.

I haven’t tried this yet but there’s also a phone number you can call for updates. It’s 1-844-625-1010. It’s apparently only available Monday to Friday, and it is answered by a real live human, so woohoo.

So, gaaa, life is going to get cute. At least this one will hopefully end in something good.

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