Be Lucky, A Semi-New Song By The Who

I totally missed this at the time, but the Who or at least the half of it that’s still alive and some other guys have recorded a new song, their first since 2006 when they released their Endless Wire album which I remember literally nothing about aside from its title. The track is called “Be Lucky”, and you can find it on the Who’s 50th anniversary greatest hits collection, “The Who Hits 50!”, which is out now. Or you can listen to it here and decide whether or not you need to buy a 2-disc set to get one song.

I’m not sure what to make of it after a couple of listens. It’s not bad, but it’s not that good either. I think it’s more good than bad, but it’s nothing I need to run out to iTunes and download or even really go out of my way to listen to again. I am neither troubled by its existence nor excited about it. I’m just…confused. I really want to like it because it’s the Who, but it’s just a song. At least it’s not embarrassing, so points for that.

I just listened to it again, and I think I’ve figured out what it reminds me of. Am I weird, or does it sound like a slightly louder version of something the Traveling Wilburys might have put out?

Interesting trivia note: The guy playing the role of Keith Moon here is Zak Starkey, A.K.A. Ringo Starr’s kid. He’s played with them on several tours and has actually had a fine career in his own right. He sounds pretty good here.

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