Sharon, Belois And Bram

Yes, I know that was an evil title, but come on, I was trying to decide between that and Skinnamarinky Doom, also evil.

In all seriousness, I was sad to read that Lois lilienstein of “Sharon, Lois and Bram, passed away. She was 78. Somehow that seems impossible.

Here’s a short video about them,

even though that only scratches the surface. I had forgotten that they got the Order of Canada. How cool.

that video started a chain of videos that really made me think about just how many memories their music brings back for me. I know I listened to their records so much that I’m sure my parents and brother and sister wanted them to just disappear one day. Somehow, I can’t quite remember how they go, but all of the music is buried deep in my subconscious, so as I started hearing the stuff, it all came flooding back. I keep having a vague memory about a bear that would only say “Wuh.” Have I lost it? And I always wondered what made the elephant’s song, and was so excited when I figured out it was a tuba.

Let’s find a few good songs.
A, you’re a dorable.

I know this sounds silly, but when I would tutor at the literacy centre, a bunch of times I would catch myself singing this song when I left.

Jenny Jenkins

Another lame moment. There’s something at work called Jenkins. Whenever it breaks, I think of Jenny Jenkins. Yes I’m weird.

Years ago, I got thinking about this song

and wondering if I’d gone nuts. After all, what’s a clinker, and why was he crying? I searched a little bit and couldn’t find a trace of this weird song, so I thought I had imagined it. Nope.

I say I am slowly going crazy

all the time, so it needed a mention.

And who could leave out Peanut butter?

I could go on all day. No really, I could.

So sad that one of them is gone. But she will live on forever, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll buy my nephew some Sharon Lois and Bram just for fun…let’s just hope my brother doesn’t want to smack me for it.

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  1. If anybody yells at you, I’ll take the blame since those were my suggestions. I’m just glad you liked ’em, hahaha.

    I was always more of a Raffi kid, but that’s no slight to these three. They were pretty entertaining.

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