Videotron Announces Free Long Distance Calling To Nepal From April 25th To May 31st

This is a pretty nice thing to do. Hopefully other companies will blatantly rip it off.

 In the wake of the powerful earthquake that devastated Nepal on April 25, Videotron announced today that its customers will be able to call Nepal free of charge from residential landlines and mobile phones.
In a gesture of support for Québec residents affected by the disaster, charges for long-distance calls placed to Nepal from April 25 through May 31 will not be billed to Videotron customers or will be credited on invoices issued after May 1st.
“Our hearts go out to the people of Nepal and their families,” said Manon Brouillette, President and CEO of Videotron. “We hope this will make it a little bit easier for our customers to stay in touch with loved ones during this trying time.”

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  1. I heard about an American company allowing texts, but I don’t think phone calls was on the list. Pretty awesome.

    1. I like the idea of free calls and texts a bit better than text to donate, I think. There’s nothing wrong with donating, but this seems like a more personal and direct way of doing some good. You don’t have to hope that your money will be used wisely by its recipients because each call and text is its own helpful connection.

      1. Yeah I meant that they were allowing free texts to Nepal. But I don’t think I saw free calls. Definitely awesome.

        1. Oh I knew exactly what you meant. I didn’t think these were donation texts. You were perfectly clear. It just hit me that I like the idea a little better than donation texts and wished companies would start doing it more, so I wrote it down while I was in the window. It’s probably me that wasn’t clear. Splitting headaches and their aftermaths can do that.

  2. […] the heels of Videotron’s announcement this morning, Shaw has announced its own free stuff for customers in the name of Nepal […]

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