“This Is Wrestling” Is A Dumb Chant, Plus I Finally Talk About Mania

It’s been a while, so let us talk some wrestling. I’m watching NXT, and the crowd brought to mind something I’ve been meaning to mention. Can we please knock off the “this is wrestling” chants? It’s one of the stupidest chants I’ve ever heard. We all know what we’re watching. We don’t need you to […]

Stephen Harper Explains Why A Remake Is Called A Cover. Hint: Think What You’ll Be Doing To Your Ears In A Minute

When he’s not busy crippling our country’s public broadcaster, doing even more damage to an already flawed election system or slowly eroding our rights and freedoms, Stephen Harper can be found kicking out the jams with his band, the C-51’s. The band is so named because it’s the closest I could get to B-52’s, which […]