And God Said Let There Be Raw Pork On The Police Window, And It Was So

When this story initially came out, I wasn’t in the mood for it (Christmas and a death in the family will do that). But I ran across it again just now and I noticed something.

Framingham police lieutenant Harry Wareham told Lindsey McNamara entered the station on Friday morning with a Dunkin’ Donuts box full of raw bacon and sausage.
Wareham said McNamara approached an officer with a “great smile on her face” and said she was there to “feed the pigs”. He said she then took the meat from the box and smeared it on the window.
McNamara was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property.

Seriously, Harry Wareham? Yeah the spelling is ware and not wear, but still. Of all the people to speak for the police on this one, they choose a fellow who’s name is partially made up of the word ham? Oh, and he’s even from Framingham, just to drive home the point.

McNamara was also ordered to undergo a mental evaluation, because when you sashay into a police station, announce that god told you to do something like this, then represent yourself in court and use the word “destruct” while basically confessing to the crime, that’s a pretty sensible next step.

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