Believe It Or Not, Tansy Is Four Years Old.

I can hardly believe it, but Tansy, affectionately nicknamed “the bear”, turned 4 today. She’s 4. Woe. I would like time to slow down, please.

She’s still doing awesome, and I think we managed to knock off all the extra unwanted hound pounds. She looks good, and seems perfectly healthy. I don’t think I have been at the vet’s nearly as often as I had to be with the Trixter.

I have misplaced her favourite cuz ball…or maybe she misplaced it. I haven’t seen it for a week. I hope I find it again, I like watching her growl at it. I bought her a squeaky frog to replace it, and though she likes it, she doesn’t growl at it. And god can that thing make noise. I don’t know how it seems more irritating than the cuz, but good god. Squeaky squeaky squeaky squeeeeeak! Well at least she enjoys it.

This LRT construction, although it’s driving me nuts, doesn’t seem to phase tans. She doesn’t seem to mind that we have to go to another bus stop, or do other dumb things. Or maybe she just blows off more steam with her squeaky squeaky squeakies.

I’ve noticed another pattern she picked up on. When we pay for a meal, she knows the next step is usually getting up to go, so she springs up from calmly lying down. But what is it about paying that she always notices? The only thing I’ve figured out is usually, after we pay, with a debit or credit card, a receipt prints. So, she’s learned that when the receipt rips off, we usually get up and go. Good god she’s good at patterns.

I don’t really have that many other Tansy tidbits. She had a bit of a quiet birthday today, although she did get more tripe, even if I was afraid I would harf while trying to handle it. Yesterday we got a nice long walk in, too bad we both got supremely drenched. At least it ended with a trip to the pet store, new dog food, and that oh so enjoyable squeaky frog of hers.

Happy birthday Shmans the bear. I hope you roar through life and stay as full of happy craziness as you are now.

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  1. I have a theory. She is growling at the frog, it’s just the damn thing is so loud we can’t hear her. Good lord.

    That receipt thing is pretty neat. It doesn’t matter which one of us pays, she’s ready to go. Would love to know why she suddenly figured that out.

    Can’t believe she’s 4. Happy birthday, Shmans!

  2. Why must they grow up so fast? Jay will be seven in July. The girls at the salon told me he’s got grey on his muzzle. Oy vey.

    Jayden’s great at patterns, too. If he hears timmy’s bell jingle and me talk to the cat, Jayden thinks it’s time to go outside, which is usually the case. It’s a bummer when I just want to cuddle the cat haha.

    Happy birthday Tansy! Almost just called her Trixie. Sheesh.

    1. Woe. He’s turning 7. Holy moly. I remember when he turned 2 and you said he smelled like a hippy because he’d just had a bath. I don’t know why I remember silly things like that.

      I just read the post I wrote when Trix turned 4. Weird stuff to read and remember.

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